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Permanent cosmetics tattoo techniques have changed dramatically over the past 16 years. Different methods, new contemporary styles and new tools for the variety of applications available.  These techniques are used for enhancement of natural beauty for the eye brows, eyeliner, and lip color. Restorative tattooing has stood the test of time especially in certain medical arenas where eyebrows disappear and need restoration. These techniques can also be applied to disguise scars and irregular spots in the skin. It is also used to restore natural beauty post mastectomy and from other health and skin related disturbances.

The Institute offers a new boutique style training program. Two students are required for a “Boutique to you program”, 7-day program. It is imperative to understand your City and State regulations before enrolling into any program. Our company assists potential students prior to enrollment with all of the required regulations. Advanced training for Areola Restoration is a highly sought skill for all restorative technicians. Medical professionals and current certified permanent cosmetic technicians, are invited to take this intense 5-day course.

We are proud members and contributors to the following professional organizations and physicians:

  • Society of Permanent Make-up Professionals (
  • American Cancer Society
  • Susan G. Komen Foundation
  • Cancer Resource Center, After Care Program
  • Christus St. Vincent Hospital
  • Comadre a Comadre
  • People Living Through Cancer
  • Michelle’s Place
  • Bosom Buddies
  • Cancer Institute for New Mexico
  • Anita Salas Foundation
  • UNM Cancer Research and Treatment Center
  • Albuquerque Cancer Coalition
  • Presbyterian Hospital, Preferred Provider
  • Lovelace Women’s Hospital, Breast Care Center
  • Tustin Chamber of Commerce (
  • BeAware Foundation (
  • Cedars Sinai, Los Angeles, CA
  • UCLA, Department of Plastic Surgery

New Mexico Doctor Affiliations

  • Dr Moorehouse, Albuquerque, NM
  • Dr Dougherty, Santa Fe, NM

California Doctor Affiliations

  • Dr Jay Orringer, Beverly Hills, CA (Onsite)
  • Dr Carpenter, Orange, CA
  • Dr Terry Dubrow, Newport Beach, CA
  • Dr Justin West, Finesse Plastic Surgery  (Onsite)
  • Dr Gaon, Finesse Plastic Surgery
  • Dr Salibian, Orange, CA  (Onsite)
  • Dr John West, Breastlink, Orange, CA
  • Dr Link, Breastlink, Orange CA
  • Dr Wong, Breastlink, Temecula
  • Dr Dozie, Laguna Hills

Texas Doctor Affiliations

  • Dr Fisher, Georgetown, Austin, Fredericksburg

Licensed in the Following

  • State Licensed in New Mexico for Permanent Cosmetics
  • State Licensed in New Mexico for Electrolysis
  • State Licensed in New Mexico for Manicuring
  • State Licensed in California for Electrolysis (since 1982)
  • State Licensed in California for Manicuring (since 1984)

For additional information please call or email;
Office (505) 204-6500

Jeanine McTasney has been working in the aesthetics industry since 1982. Her clinically based practice style and education programs are challenging and successful. Taking a beginning course in 2001 gave her the desire to advance in the permanent make-up industry.  Refining her skills launched her into the teaching arena. Her first start at teaching position came from the very program she took as a beginner. Jeanine has maintained a clinical private practice and now wants to share that in her “Boutique to You” Basic Fundamental Training Program.

Jeanine continues to travel to Texas and California to work onsite at several medical offices.

She is launching the “Change the Face of Cancers” program at Breastlink Comprehensive Breast Cancer Center in Southern California. Her focus on the patient completes a full circle approach to care.