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Our Dream

We continue to fight for patient’s rights to have the reconstruction completed and bill insurance for the procedure cost. The WHCRA of 1998, was written to protect the breast cancer survivor rights.  It is in desperate need of revision. We have lobbied and resubmitted and been overlooked. Insurance companies consistently deny the procedure even though it is a billable code and we are more than qualified to complete the procedure.  We are emotionally invested and it is unfortunate that we are not heard.

Since 2001 we have offered this procedure complimentary and many of my colleagues have done the same thing. Cancer is not specific to the wealthy or the poor, it affects anyone at anytime.

By teaching technicians around the globe to complete the restoration, we are going to be a stronger voice for the patient.

Survivors have been through enough. Restorative Ink Specialists will continue the fight until the insurance company pays, then we will all win.