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All courses are taught using our consistent conservative approach, which truly stands the test of time.

Our classes are not available to New Mexico Residents, as the current regulations conflict with our training programs.

Changing the Face of Cancers Training
2.5 days |  $3275.00  (available to 2 students only)

Eyebrow preservation and eyelash enhancement only. Single use disposable kits provided. A qualified “Boutique to You” program.

(Students and/or technicians must be affiliated with a physician in order complete the program)

This innovative new procedure has been Medically-endorsed and Oncology-approved 48 hours before the beginning of chemotherapy.

The Program Goal

Cancer news is devastating.  The reality of the physical changes about to occur affects each patient differently according to the oncology protocol created. What we do know is that a wig can be purchased to cover the hair loss and eyelashes can be purchased to glue onto the lash line, but eyebrows must be drawn on, everyday.  What we have found through our research is that the average person does not know where or how to draw on the eyebrows. Over the years we have had many Draw Your Brow seminars for newly diagnosed patients to assist with the standard facial morphology. The changes in facial form during many rounds of chemotherapy leave the patient with a “I can’t do it attitude”. Our goal for the patient is to be offered this trademarked procedure. The LiteTouchTattoo™ method uses the current brow shape the patient possesses and we tattoo in color to preserve the original brow shape. When the hair falls out, the pattern is left for the patient, so no mystery brow placement. The procedure is to be completed within the contracted physician’s office to ensure compliance utilizing the prepared single use disposable kit.

The Course

This intense 2.5-day training program is hands on.  We do not work on newly diagnosed patients. Our community based model program offers many skin types for the technician to practice on. Courses are offered in California and qualifies for the Boutique to You program.

A LiteTouchTattoo™ method is taught to lightly tattoo a brow shape and upper liner into the upper layer of the epidermal- dermal ridge. This minimally invasive procedure should last 6-12 months. When the patient’s hair falls out there will be a light pattern left in the skin. MAC cosmetics has provided a pencil for the patient to enhance the pattern if needed.

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Overview of the skin
  • Eye and Brow anatomy
  • Standard Facial Morphology
  • Anesthetic overview, numbing
  • Pigment overview, color theory
  • OSHA
  • Tools of the trade, Hand tools
  • Needles
  • Techniques

Day 2

  • Consent forms
  • Photos
  • Drawing, measuring,
  • Sanitary and sterile tray set up
  • Kit components
  • Procedure
  • Aftercare
  • Clean up
  • Records

Hands on for the afternoon of day 2 and the ½ day of the 3rd day.

“Boutique to You” Basic Fundamental Training
7 days |  $8,900.00  (2 students required)

(Generous starter kit including the Mei-cha Elite cosmetic tattoo machine)

Other items include

  • Textbook and workbook
  • Online access to the student portal for forms
  • Vendor information
  • Store to reorder supplies
  • Derma International pigment line is used in the class

This unique style training program offers a “We” come to you approach. This is a perfect set up for the individuals who are already established in the personal service industry.  This is an opportunity to take the travel and accommodation expense out of the training fees.  When the class is complete, the instructor assists in the studio set-up ensuring compliance with all governing agencies.

This beginning class is designed for 2 students.  Over the 7-day training program students complete 15 safe, sanitary and sterile procedures, all following OSHA regulations. 17 PowerPoint presentations, textbook and workbook exercises and hands on training fulfill all 3 styles of learning: auditory, visual, and tactile. The challenge of the Boutique to You program is extreme organization.  We pride ourselves on a detail-oriented traveling training program.  

Please call our training office for more information to verify if your City and/or State qualifies for this program.

3-D NippleStippleSM and Areola Complex Restoration training
5 day | $4,700.00 (without a machine, $5,900.00 with machine kit)

(minimum of 2 students required for the “Boutique to You” program)

Supplies included in basic training kit

  • Areola coloring book
  • Areola step guide book
  • Pigment kit
  • Rubber stamp workbook
  • NippleStipple™ supplies

This class is designed for the individual working in a medical office or a medical professional (nurse, etc.).  It is also designed for the already certified permanent cosmetic technician. A powerful journey from diagnosis to reconstruction, and the final tattoo procedure.  Learning about scar restoration, surgical site evaluation, color creation, and utilizing artistic components to complete this emotional journey for breast cancer patients. Specific techniques for this process procedure ensuring tattoo longevity for the patient.  Documentation information and procedure reports for insurance companies are a must for the physician and your records. All paperwork is available online at the student portal site. Continued support is available for graduates.

Tattoo lightening and removal techniques
Add On | $1000.00 (per person, product kit provided)
This program is an available add on for any class, it is not taught independently.

This comprehensive add on class is a must in today’s market.  A PowerPoint presentation and hands on procedures adds a lucrative aspect to your permanent make-up menu. Discovering all the available non-laser tattoo over-procedures and how to use them properly. Insurance guidelines, consent forms and client care packets are available online at the student portal.

Our industry has added Micro-blading to the public in the form of a 2-3-day training with no prior tattoo experience.  Proper removal techniques are a must to correct or repair poorly constructed brows.  Eyeliner mistakes are unsightly and removal is tricky, training is mandatory.  Saline and stronger products are used for proper lightening and removal techniques.