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Changing the Face of Cancers History

In 2002, we started completing restorative procedures, mainly Areola Restoration, post mastectomy.  Most of our chemotherapy patients lost hair but the brow hair loss was the most frustrating. We were determined to help. We held “draw your brow” seminars at local studios, created a “brow kit” for guidance using the standard facial morphology. We went to Cancer centers, created seminars, all were unsuccessful. The brows need to be drawn on daily, and everyday they were different.

In 2004, we had a personal experience that was life changing. A very special client of our private practice was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had two small children and was fearful of her hair and brow loss.  Every other day we met at our studio, weekends included, and we drew her brows for her. That continued for 7 months. This first hand experience kept us pushing forward.

In 2006-2009, we researched several different products. Brow markers, stick on brows with hair, and different waterproof pencils. Panic calls from newly diagnosed patients motivated us to come up with a plan. We conducted a simple survey from our restorative patients. We learned that there was a common denominator, eyebrows.

From 2010-2014. We approached physicians requesting opportunities to tattoo before chemotherapy. That idea was rejected because tattooing using traditional methods, posed a risk of infection. We tried several methods of tattooing and colors.  We documented the healed results. We were beginning to make a universal color for all skin types. Colors that are tried and true on all skin types.

In 2015, Changing the Face of Cancers program was born. We created a single use disposable brow tattoo kit and developed a trademarked technique called LiteTouchTattooSM.  The tattoo can only be applied in a physician’s office, with the physician signing off on the patient. The procedure is completed manually, using the brow design presented by the patient.  The restorative technician gently tattoos color into the skin. When the hair falls out due to chemotherapy protocols, a light pattern is left in the skin. This eyebrow pattern lasts approximately 6-8 months.  

In 2017, MAC cosmetics donated a brow pencil for each patient tattooed. This universal pencil may be used to enhance the healed light tattoo. Single use, sterile kits were created for physicians to implement the program in their office.  The MAC pencil has now become part of this kit as a take home gift.

2017-2018 We have completed our trials on patients. They have all been diagnosed with different types of breast cancer.  One brave patient has allowed us to photograph her journey. From day 1 through to the end of chemotherapy. We recently had the honor of seeing her and her brows have returned.  They are a bit sparse so we used the same procedure to touch them up. This was full circle for us. We will see her sometime next year to complete the areola restoration with tattoos. The program is a success.  Each patient is now offered this procedure during the oncology education. This program is oncology approved 48 hours before chemotherapy. It is the decision of the physician if a patient can have the procedure. We want this procedure to be available to all newly diagnosed patients.  It is only offered to participating physicians with a trained restorative technician available. It is not up to us.

This procedure will Change the Face of all Cancers.